Trekking Tours

Bhutan is a haven for trekkers. The Himalayan peaks, most of them virgin and un-scaled, valleys, landscape, glacial lakes, flora and fauna make Bhutan a treat for lovers of adventure. Medieval Bhutan had several routes through which people moved. Unfortunately, most have not been used making them a part of the thick jungles. However, the Himalayan Kingdom offers several trekking routes, which promises to enthrall you.

The beauty of trekking in Bhutan is that you need not be a professional trekker to enjoy the delights of this adventure. There are trekking routes that average people can trek through. Additionally, we can customise some of the treks with the cultural or other packages, based on your interest. Additionally, you will not just be trekking throughout your stay in the country. You will also be visiting places of historic significances, observe the country’s culture and get to interact with the people.

In a nutshell, we bring forth some of Bhutan’s trekking routes.