Travel Across Special

This is the perfect opportunity to blend your Bhutan tour with one of our specialties, for you will be slowly moving along the roads, hunting for the flying wonders. On areas where there are no birds, you will board a bus, as one will be following you throughout.


The terrain sometimes ascends to even 4,000m, while it meanders and suddenly descends to the warm valleys. This diversity makes it possible for you to see a diverse range of birds. You will hear the Mountain Hawk-Eagle’s squeal and encounter the Black Eagle sailing effortlessly over the hillsides, Sparrowhawks and Goshawks will enliven the trails and the great Himalayan Griffons will be soaring over the high passes.


At the right place and the right time you may want to learn to cook Bhutanese cuisine or may want to know more about the Gross National Happiness or follow the foot steps of some famous Lama or may want to take pictures of Bhutanese people, we can organize anything as per your interest and need.

Apart from this, visits to nationally and culturally significant institutions, such as Dzongs (Fortresses) and interactions with people come along with the package.