Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours to Bhutan

These packages have been named as cultural trips, for it will enable you to observe and imbibe the living culture of Bhutan, symbolized in almost everything you see…

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Festival Tours

Bhutan Festival Tours

Festivals in Bhutan are different from those held in the western world. While these countries have food festivals, carnivals and others, in Bhutan festivals…

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Trekking Tours

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is a haven for trekkers. The Himalayan peaks, most of them virgin and un-scaled, valleys, landscape, glacial lakes, flora and fauna make Bhutan a treat…

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Across Bhutan Special

Travel Across Bhutan Special

This is the perfect opportunity to blend your Bhutan tour with one of our specialties, for you will be slowly moving along the roads, hunting for the flying wonders…

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Travel to Bhutan

Visiting the entire world is an immensely difficult task. However, there are parts of the world, unique in its own way, unsoiled by man’s materialistic pursuit, where the past and the present, man and nature, live in harmony. Bhutan is such a country.


Through our site, Across Bhutan hopes that you have woven an image of Bhutan and enriched yourself about the Himalayan Kingdom of the past. We assure you an experience beyond your comprehension. We are just a click away, contact us.


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